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No matter what your business goals are, there are tried and true tactics you'll want to employ to get your product or service ready for the educational market (and—as well—to prepare the educational market for your product or service). Here are a few of those tactics we can help you with:

Focus Groups

Whether you want to host focus groups in-person or virtually, NEW will screen and recruit participants, work with you to develop discussion questions, moderate the group, and write a final report including action plans.

Pilot Studies

Is your software solution ready for the market? NEW can set up pilot studies, liaise with pilot participants, and manage the BETA test for you. We offer a first-line of personal support to pilot participants, directing them to appropriate resources, generating and collecting end-user feedback, and making final recommendations to ensure that your product is ready for prime time.

Research Studies

Are you launching a new product, or an existing product into a new market? Are you re-thinking a digital strategy? With proven primary and secondary research skills, we will work with you to design and implement your research plan. You will go to market with confidence in your positioning, processes, and potential customer base. And your launch will be supported with strategic plans, case studies and white papers.

Class Tests

Do you want a small test-kitchen for a new product, or to seed new markets with an existing product or service? NEW can help you identify appropriate classrooms, recruit participants, help train faculty and technology support teams, and get testing effectively underway. We can also facilitate feedback and help gauge potential customer enthusiasm for your next go-to-market strategy.

Marketing Plans

Every company needs a detailed guide for its advertising and marketing strategies. We work with you to identify specific challenges, to define distinctive competencies, and to clarify your target audience and your unique competitive landscape. We then help you set marketing goals, strategies to achieve the goals, and a timeline for effective implementation of the strategies. Each marketing plan includes a cost breakdown and schedule of deliverables tied to each strategy.


Professional conferences are a valuable venue to introduce and highlight your products to a broad audience. NEW can help you make the most of your conference budget, from recommending which conferences to attend and how to maximize your presence there, to implementing specific conference events. We can help you on the front end, with conference proposals, registrations, and exhibit logistics. And we can attend conferences, either with you or on your behalf, working the exhibit, conducting focus groups or other sessions, and attending sessions to provide you with information on latest trends and conference hot topics. Whatever your conference goals are, we can help you meet them.


Being on target with your message, knowing your audience, and planning effective delivery are the three pillars of a successful advertising promotion. NEW will work with you on message development and testing, defining the right audience for your product or service, and planning and implementing the deployment of your message. Print, digital, face-to-face events, and social media are all important channels to reach your customers. We will work with you to create an overall strategy that stays within your budget.